Rob's Pile of Transformers: Iso

Decepticon: Iso
Subgroup: Quanticon
Function: Counterassault Strategist
"Only on the edge of death can one begin to know what living truly is."

Profile: Iso is firey and vivacious, enthusiastic and quick-tempered. She lives for intensity of experience, be it a raging battle, a soaring flight, or deep intellectual thought. She is bored by the half-done, the low key, and the monotonous. She will go anywhere and do anything to experience the extreme. She cares not a wit about danger to herself, so long as events impress her. She is a quick thinker with lightening reflexes, and an unrelenting opponent both on the battlefield and off.

Iso's specialty is devising and implementing strategies for breaking through enemy lines, blockades, and fortifications. The more formidable the barrier, the more determined Iso is to find a way to penetrate it... and the more often she succeeds. She is at her best when the odds are overwhelmingly against her. Her love of the extreme usually compells her to place herself in the forefront of the attacks she devises.

Abilities: Iso is the most streamlined of the Quanticons in starcraft mode, and the best at atmospheric maneuvering. She carries twin firebomb launchers under her wings, which can incinerate a target in seconds. In robot mode she uses both the launchers, a laser rifle, and a pair of retractable blades in her forearms, weapons well-suited to the close-in combat that typically results as her plans are carried out. Combined with her fellow Quanticons, she forms the mid-torso section of the superwarrior Quanticus.

Weaknesses: Iso's propensity for intense experience frequently causes her to push herself beyond reasonable limits, physically and otherwise. She tends to give less than full attention to favorable or mundane situations, and can be caught unawares when her attention wanders.

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 7Speed: 8
Endurance: 6
Rank: 7Firepower: 8
Courage: 10
Skill: 7

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