Rob's Pile of Transformers: Focus

Autobot: Focus
Function: Helmsman
"Have your last step planned out before taking that first one."

Profile: Focus is tense and high strung. He has a tendency to take problems in a pessimistic manner that can grate on the nerves of his fellow Autobots, and succumbs to stress very easily. But he is very good at his job and does not generally allow his feelings to interfere with his work. He has a knack for details and works best when given a finite number of concrete tasks to oversee. In his spare time he has mastered a number of meditative techniques as a means of relaxing. Recently he has begun teaching these methods to Splice, who seems to need them as much as he.

Abilities: Focus transforms to a small tank-like vehicle. His name derives from his primary weapon in this mode, an optical magnifier that can serve as a microscope, telescope, or light-ray cannon. Focus has manned the helm of the Sojourn for most of the starship's existance. He has become very adept at maneuvering the 4000-foot vessel through all types of conditions, from the crowded spacelanes of an idle fleet, to storms of stellar debris, to inter-ship battles. He flies the ship with a gentle, almost delicate touch, and extracts from her a degree of maneuverability that few would think possible from such a titanic vessel. He is also familiar with the operation of many standardized Autobot ships. Apart from his piloting skills, he is well-capable of handling Beacon's navigational duties and Tuner's sensor station; they in turn can also perform his job when needed, and in light of this fact a friendly rivalry of sorts exists among the three. Outside of bridge duties, Focus's combat experience is rather limited. He is not a particularly adept fighter; he feels rather out of place in a fight if he is not behind the controls of a starship.

Weaknesses: Focus's lack of combat experience, combined with his general nervousness, work strongly against him in field situations. Very occasionally the stress of intense combat proves too much for him, which can lead to problems ranging from overloaded processors (the robotic equivalent of a headache), to blow-outs which leave him completely disabled.

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 6Speed: 3
Endurance: 5
Rank: 5Firepower: 6
Courage: 5
Skill: 8

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