Rob's Pile of Transformers: Exo

Decepticon: Exo
Subgroup: Quanticon
Function: Communications
"Reach to your limits, then keep reaching."

Profile: Exo is driven by an eternal desire for more -- more knowledge, more abilities, more friends, more power and respect -- and forever plagued by an inability to get it. A combination of misfortune and inadequacey conspires to keep him forever locked in the same position, socially and militarily. He finds it difficult to accept that there are some things in life which are simply beyond him, and that many of his dreams are unrealistic. This conflict between his reality and his desires results in him suffering frequent bouts of frozen indecision and meloncholy. He accepts his place within the Quanticon team with some reservations; he feels it is a bit mundane and he never stops hoping and looking for a better opportunity that, somehow, never seems to come. Oddly, he has no aspirations to leadership of the team; apparently it isn't a big enough leap up for him to bother with.

Abilities: Exo carries a complex battery of transmitters and antennae, which can send and recieve on standard radio frequencies as well as subspace messages. Through him the Quanticons can stay in touch even across ranges of hundreds of thousands of miles (a not-uncommon situation during their many deep-space assignments.) Exo transforms to a spacecraft that can flie in atmosphere or deep space, and carries two static discharger guns that disrupt enemy circuits. In robot mode he wields two wrist-mounted infrared beam guns as well. Combined with his fellow Quanticons, he forms the left leg of the superwarrior Quanticus.

Weaknesses: Exo's communications equipment is fragile and easily damaged when he is in his starcraft form. To work around this he has become adept at fighting in his robot mode, even in deep space. His effectiveness is lessened when he is in a depressed mood, which happens on a fairly regular basis.

Strength: 6      
Intelligence: 6  
Speed: 7         
Endurance: 5     
Rank: 6 Firepower: 6 Courage: 8 Skill: 6

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