Rob's Pile of Transformers: Endo

Decepticon: Endo
Subgroup: Quanticon
Function: Rearguard Defense
"Friends first."

Profile: Among the Autobots, Endo is known as a cold, emotionless, and unrelenting foe. Among the Decepticons, he is seen as quiet and shy. In truth, though, "team player" is the best description one can give of him. Endo is in many ways the backbone of the Quanticons: he's the one who smooths out disagreements, keeps tempers from fraying, and basically holds the team's disparate personalities together. His support is only noticed when it is not present. He believes each of his teammates is truly worthy of his respect and support, and acts accordingly. Endo can at times be naive about the ways of the world, but he can always count on having friends to back him up when he needs it.

Abilities: Whether the Quanticons are pursuing, retreating, or just flying, it is Endo's job to watch their backs. He has multiple-port thrusters mounted on all sides of his starcraft form, enabling him to maneuver swiftly around and behind almost any pursuer. Omnidirectional radar and a variety of other automated sensors provide him with constant data on what is happening around him. His armament is simple: twin laser cannons under his wings (which can pivot to fire at pursuing craft), paired laser blasters built into his wrists, and a standard-issue laser pistol. Like all the Quanticons, he is capable of deep space flight and combat. Combined with his fellow Quanticons, he forms the right leg of the superwarrior Quanticus.

Weaknesses: Endo's great concern for his comrades causes him to react strongly and sometimes irrationally to any percieved threats to them. His starcraft form is not streamlined and is poorly suited to atmospheric flight.

Strength: 6      Intelligence: 6  Speed: 6        Endurance: 7     Rank: 6 Firepower: 7 Courage: 9 Skill: 7

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