Character Profile: Dredge

Rob's Pile of Transformers: Character Profile

Decepticon: Dredge
Function: Data Manipulation
"Excessive force is always necessary."

Profile: Dredge hates his job. His mind and body were both designed with ramming and assault in mind, and that is in fact the function that he prefers. Early in his life, however, it became apparent that he had an innate, unexpected talent for computer programming and data analysis. Decepticon high command decided he was too valuable a resource to waste on the battlefield, and pulled him off to work as a computer hacker. There he has been ever since, despite his repeated attempts to get transferred back to a battlefield post. The experience has left him rather bitter; he treats those around him with disdain at best, outright physical abuse at worst. He doesn't care -- he has the physical strength to take on just about anyone, and he figures that few jobs could be worse than the one he holds now. He's rough-cut, terse, and direct; he doesn't hesitate to give his opinion on any matter, and usually that opinion is negative.

Abilities: However much he despises it, Dredge is very good at what he does. His massive physique belies the skill and dexterity with which he handles communications and data equipment. He can download his mind into a computer network and maneuver within it almost unimpeded, regardless of what safeguards may be in place to stop him. He uses this capability to organize (or reorganize) systems, alter or destroy enemy files and plans, and secure information from foriegn networks. He is tremendously strong, and fearsomely armed. In addition to the two massive proton cannons he sports in vehicle mode, he combines with a battle trailer which more than quadruples his firepower with two missile racks, four paired quasar cannons, and a wide-dispersal particle beam blaster array which can level an enemy installation in minutes. If his weaponry can't do the job, Dredge is capable of (and willing to) finish it with his body, ramming a fortification repeatedly in his vehicle form, then smashing it down with his fists if anything remains of it. He rarely uses these latter capabilities, however, as he does not often find himself in the combat arena.

Weaknesses: Dredge occasionally loses his temper while working, which commonly results in the destruction of whatever equipment he's working with. He dislikes and is disliked by his peers, which further compounds his displeasure with his position. On the battlefield, however, he has no known weaknesses.

Strength:      9
Intelligence:  8
Speed:         3
Endurance:    10
Rank:          6
Courage:       9
Firepower:     9
Skill:         9

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