Rob's Pile of Transformers: Beacon

Autobot: Beacon
Function: Navigator
"Fly far, fly free, have fun."

Profile: Beacon always has a grin on his face. Sometimes it's because he's laughing at some unspoken joke; sometimes it's due to his amusement with life in general; sometimes it's just because he's happy. He tries not to take anything too seriously, and consequentially is in a good mood almost all the time. He is the biggest source of nicknames and in-jokes among the Sojourn's crew and complements Lexius and Grotusque in keeping the mood light on the ship's bridge. He enjoys his job and his crewmates... though his constantly light attitude sometimes gets on the others' nerves when the situation calls for a more serious approach.

Abilities: Beacon's knowledge of the spaceways and of the vagaries of foldspace are the equal of any in the Autobot fleets. He transforms to a radar dish-equipped transport vehicle which can broadcast in a number of wavelengths simultaneously, enhancing Autobot communications; in this mode he can also work in concert with communications specialist Pixel, augmenting her broadcast strength tenfold. He is also capable of performing Tuner's sensor work and Focus's navigational duties.

Weaknesses: Beacon's attention sometimes wanders away from his responsibilities, which can impair his performance. He has little experience with combat outside of capital warships, and has no built-in armament.

Strength: 5      Intelligence: 7Speed: 5        Endurance: 5    Rank: 5  Firepower: 1  Courage: 6   Skill: 7 

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