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Boatman's Bank Building Annex
Broadway and Locust
Built: 1915
Architect: Eames and Young
Demolished: 1998

Planned as the Railroad Ticket Office Building, this office building was constructed for Ranier Realty in 1915, and served as an addition to the massive Boatmen's Bank Building behind it. Originally 7 stories high, in 1920 it gained an additional four stories.

When the principle building changed names in 1976, so too did this one, to the Marquette Building Annex..

With occupancy rates falling in the 1990s, the Marquette Building(s) were obtained by the city for redevelopment. The annex building was demolished in 1998 and replaced with a parking garage, intended to serve apartments in the main building.

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Locator Map

Newly completed, 1916. Image from Western Architect, June 1916.

Under construction, 1915. Image from the Washington University Eames & Young collection.

(image from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)