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Message 135 Date received: 12/24/2004 Time: 12:42 am

Email Kyjuan_Gurl@yahoo.com
Name LaTreyshea Roberts
City Dayton, OH


Hey how are you my name is LaTreyshea Roberts and ill be mving to st. louis in 2 yrs. after i graudate from college to transfer to Washington University - St. Louis. Any way i just want to say you do great work and keep up the great work. by looking at your pictures it makes me want to travel down and see what you see.!!!

Message 134 Date received: 12/20/2004 Time: 3:23 am

Email set676s@smsu.edu
Name Shaun Tooley
City Bridgeton (suburb of STL), MO


I am fascinated with this website, and tour it often. My grandmother graduated from Cleveland H.S. in the '40s and she grew up on Pennsylvania near Walsh. Her history and experience of STL have encouraged me to dive into STL. I like to document the architecture of the City, collect books, ask about the days when my grandparents were young. The other grandparents grew up in Kerry Patch, and Dutchtown. They each left the city in the '50s with white flight, but each retain love and memories for STL. Currently, at Southwest MO State (soon to be MO State U.) I am seeking a BS in City and Regional Planning. I hope to come back to STL to participate in rejuvenating neighborhoods. I have always been impressed with STL's history, and that of all major cities. However, I am concerned that few people care or are even knowledgable about the past when STL was the fourth largest city in population, fifth in manufacturing, and hosted home to more palaces (mansions) than all of continental Europe! The status of America's great cities has not ended because they will rise again as more Baby Boomers retire, gas escalates in price, and the need for a community spirit and compact walkable communities encourages a new flight or return to the inner cities. I look forward to these coming times, and your updates to the website!

Message 133 Date received: 12/19/2004 Time: 11:01 pm

Email LASTGT@centurytel.net
Name Rebecca Buchholz
City Wilton, WI


A very interesting site. I love old houses and hate to see them neglected and ruined. Keep up the good work on your site. Thanks

Message 132 Date received: 12/19/2004 Time: 10:52 am

City of Santa Rosa


good news... don't know if any of you has seen this--- http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/newswatch/story/68BBB0C9FC856C2286256F6E0037D289?OpenDocument ---- lets hope this leads to something.....

Message 131 Date received: 12/18/2004 Time: 10:44 pm

Email robert.lagershausen@sillydillies.com
Name Rob
City suburb, MO


Most excellent documentation. I was very suprised to learn that you do not live here! Impressive eye and attention. My dad grew up in north St Louis, and despite his fears that we'd be carjacked at the first intersection we came to, we had a great day driving around his old 'hoods and taking some photograghs. My thanks to you for doing this. I'll let you know what my pics turned out like when they are developed. Rob

Message 130 Date received: 12/17/2004 Time: 6:43 pm

Email dicolari@si.rr.com
Name Dan Icolari
City New York


Thank you for the vastly improved home page. Much easier to navigate and read. Congratulations and thank you so much for BUILT ST. LOUIS.

Message 129 Date received: 12/17/2004 Time: 12:17 am

Email fsimonetti@btinternet.com
Name F J Simonetti
City Stow-on the-Wold, UK


My Grandparents lived nearby for the 1940's until the 1970s. Northland was also my local shopping centre as a very small child. I always loved the architecture even then in the 1960's. One thing I remember best is the way the entrance signs would be decorated for Easter and Xmas. These were in very elaborate fashion. There were also Large candles (electric) on the roof at Xmas and a huge fireworks display on the fourth of July. When you consider the quality of the building on this site, I can honestly say that I've seen nothing to match Northland as a retail development. This is saying something. I have been all over the world. One thing always puzzles me though. The area was always a relatively modest socio economic one even in it's heyday. Why such a quality development here? Thanks. FJS

Message 128 Date received: 3/16/2004 Time: 2:37 pm

Email lmccully@portageps.org
Name Lynn McCully
City Portage, MI


I was born in St. Louis at DePaul Hospital in 1953. I grew up on the Southside and attended Horace Mann Elementary and Roosevelt High School. I moved to Michigan over 30 years ago, but St. Louis remains home in my heart. We still have friends there, so we have an excuse to vist at least once a year and load up on Imo's Pizza and Ted Drewes. Some of my best memories took place on Hall Street where we would spend hot Summer nights drag racing in the late 1960's. I would love to hear from anyone else who remembers those wonderful times of drag racing on Hall Street. This site has brought back more than sight memories....It brought back memories of Mom and Dad and that is precious beyond words. Thank you so much.

Message 127 Date received: 3/14/2004 Time: 12:10 am

Email BikerBubba@aol.com
Name Bubba
City Viera, Floirda....now


My sister sent me this site and it sure did bring back memories. I was born and raised in St. Louis, the near north side is what they call it now. My home church was Zion Lutheran, a church you profiled. Thank you for that. I am sure your site will be visited by me many times. Being a retired police office from St. Louis, your site reminds me of how blessed I am to have lived and survived in such a wonderful city. Keep up the great work. Thanks again

Message 126 Date received: 3/14/2004 Time: 2:22 am

Name Grace
City Tampa (now) St Louis (in my heart)


I happened upon this site and could not believe how wonderful it is. I think I lived in one of the houses shown in the St Louis Park area. Talk about memories. Thanks for the pictures and I hope all are successful in saving the original St Louis. My best to all involved.

Message 125 Date received: 3/13/2004 Time: 3:26 am

Name Justin Owen
City Sydney


A fascinating journey through the architecture of St Louis. Tremendous work!!!

Message 124 Date received: 2/29/2004 Time: 11:28 pm

Email wrightda@olypen.com
Name Don Wright
City Sequim, WA


Grew up on Green Lea Place between Fairgrounds and O'Fallon parks. Do you have any pictures of Harrison Grade School on the corners of Fair, Carter and Green Lea?

Message 123 Date received: 2/25/2004 Time: 1:31 pm

Email alty6905@excite.com
Name Alexander Altvater
City St. Louis


This is a great website. I have considered doing similar activities of exploring the city and documenting photos for the past few years but never had the time, but this website has provided me with the confidence and foundation to do so.

Message 122 Date received: 2/25/2004 Time: 10:31 am

Email patrick.grove@worldspan.com
Name Patrick Grove
City Atlanta, GA


What a great web site. I have lived in Atlanta for ten years and still consider Saint Louis home. Laclede/Taylor & Shaw/Grand were home for 15 years. I'll be back to your pages when I get homesick.

Message 121 Date received: 2/24/2004 Time: 5:19 pm

Name Mark Maxey
City Dallas, TX


I grew up in St. Louis County (Jennings)during the 50's to the 80's. This site has brought back many memories for me.

Message 120 Date received: 2/24/2004 Time: 5:15 pm

Name Mark Maxey
City Dallas, TX


I grew up in St. louis during the 50's to the 80's. This site has brought back many memories for me.

Message 119 Date received: 2/19/2004 Time: 11:57 am

Email southtroyll@cs.com
Name Rick
City Troy, NY


This is the best site I have found for those of us who care about the past, present and future of our aged cities.

Message 118 Date received: 2/16/2004 Time: 1:09 pm

Email little_mariposa@hotmail.com
Name Theresa Wiehagen
City Saint Louis, MO


Having grown up in the suburbs of St. Louis most of my life i developed quite the distaste for the town... that is, until i moved to the city itself after college in 1999. In the past 3 and a half years i, too, have wandered the saddened streets of this once thriving metropolis, trying to squint my mind's eye into reconstructing its former beauty. From imagining the colloquial din of neighborhoods lost to vacant silence to mentally renovating architectural gems such as those featured here, it isn't too hard to awaken the ghosts just beneath the crumbling surface. Given the recent renovation movement and sites like yours, i am glad to see it is a shared vision. Just last year i bought my first house in Tower Grove East and, though it was already in good condition, it feels good to be a part of the city and to watch the more needy buildings around me one by one begin to return to their youth and beauty. Thanks for your site, and i hope it inspires more people to continue bringing St. Louis back to life.

Message 117 Date received: 2/15/2004 Time: 9:58 pm

Email lindalouhenson@yahoo.com
Name linda
City park hills


hi.our family lived in st.louis,mo in the 50's.probably around the year 1954.i was a child then and have no memory of 8th or 9th street on southbroadway.my interest is what all went on back then.who lived in this neighborhood?what were the name of churchs and the names of priests?the nuns?is there any nuns or priest from that year reading this that can give me imformation?the name of the confectionary stores?who owned them ?storys about the church carnivals?etc.etc.the names of hospitals in that area?can someone share there storys on my questions or do you have pictures to share?please email me at lindalouhenson@yahoo.com

Message 116 Date received: 2/13/2004 Time: 9:31 pm

Email artkm@execpc.com
Name Kent & Linda Mueller
City Milwaukee (St. Louis, only different)


GREAT site! My wife and drove through St Louis in mid-September 03, getting off the Interstate to drive the length of Broadway on our way to visit friends in Jackson, MO. We're coming back for a long weekend at the end of February. I was especially touched by the virtual tour of East St. Louis. While in Jackson we bought a Shriner's Fez from the AINAD Shrine in East St. Louis, and you might have it pictured there, although their website indicated a chain-link fence, razor wire and armed guards... By the by, I own an art gallery in Milwaukee and my wife and I are both in bands, so that's the scene we'll be checking out in St. Louis, as well as urban archealogy and railroads. The rhetorical question to be answered: Is St. Louis hipper than Milwaukee? Best regards!

Message 115 Date received: 2/8/2004 Time: 2:08 pm

Email moneypdlr@dslextreme,com
Name Gilbert E.Hill, Jr.
City Hemet, CA. 92545


I was born and raised in E. St. Louis have kuved ub California since 1960. Nolonger visit old home town,last time in area 10 years ago for 50th reunion. Central Catholic High. Afraid to visit old neighborhood,6th and Summit ave. The vist on the web site was frightening. This could happen to our country just as well to the community that was so prosperous. More shuld see this evolvement of what has happened to a very prosperouis community.

Message 114 Date received: 2/7/2004 Time: 1:14 pm




Message 113 Date received: 2/3/2004 Time: 4:46 pm

Name Dan
City St. Louis


Great site! If you are interested in more photos check out this great site: http://buildingmuseum.org/

Message 112 Date received: 2/1/2004 Time: 3:49 pm

Email rchester@uwm.edu
Name ryan chester
City milwaukee


are you going to erin's party tonight, what is her number?

Message 111 Date received: 1/30/2004 Time: 6:02 pm

Email apkyr8@mizzou.edu
Name Alexi Kontras
City Kansas City MO


Awesome site...you're an excellent writer and photographer and your suggestions and commentary are insightful. Really opens my eyes to St. Louis; I would love something like this for Kansas City, maybe I'll have to take a stab at it! Good luck in the future, thanks for such a great web site.

Message 110 Date received: 1/27/2004 Time: 0:31 am

City Santa Rosa


interesting website... makes me want to pay St. Louis a visit... 900

Message 109 Date received: 1/12/2004 Time: 8:19 pm


Private Message

Message 108 Date received: 1/7/2004 Time: 0:40 am

Name Matt Irwin
City San Francisco, CA


It saddens me to see comments from people who enjoy bashing people who choose to live in Ladue, Chesterfield, or elsewhere in The County. Likewise, for those of you who choose to live in The City; it is a Choice (with a capital 'C'). Please do not forget: the Heritage that was torched, demolished, renovated, then demolished again, & now renewed with hopes of longevity, belongs to a fleeting number of survivors-- The remaining buildings, the original builders of them, and now the current occupants. Indeed, it's very easy to forget the events of the past; why so many chose to leave The City in the first place. Perhaps it is time for Saint Louis to move beyond its self-destructive timeline and look forward to a new day in Urban Development. Regards, Matt Irwin San Francisco, CA.