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Wellston, Missouri
March 2007: A few blocks south and east of Wellston High, several entire blocks of houses have been wiped out, along with their streets. When I arrived, only this one was left, at the corner of Ogden Avenue and Hobart Avenue. The blocks of Derby and Chatham to the south have similarly been destroyed.

maps.live.com, however, captured the area a year or two before its immolation.

The last surviving house in the upper photos is at the upper-left in the aerial view. From the amount of garbage on the street, the area's population had already been moved out when the aerial shot was taken.

The vacated blocks will be replaced by industrial development similar to that already nearby.

Ridge Avenue at Ogden - March 2007.

Circa 2006 view from Live.com. At the upper right corner is the house pictured below.

Ridge Avenue, view east toward Ogden - March 2007.

Lenox Avenue at Ogden - July 2007.

View north along Ogden Avenue - May 2007.

View north from Lenox Avenue - May 2007.

Chatham Avenue at Lenox Avenue - July 2007.

Chatham Avenue at Lenox Avenue - May 2007.

View south from Lenox Avenue, toward Page Boulevard - May 2007.

View north from from Wagner & Ogden, toward Page Boulevard power plant - May 2007

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