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Palm at 21st
January 2003: They were basically glorified row houses, but their proportions and mansard roof (purely a decorative affectation) give them an imposing presence. This pair was already abandoned when I made my 1999 foray through the area. One was demolished in November 2005.

Ecology of Absence has more information on the pair.

September 2006: And here we see the dangers of relying on second-hand accounts: the corner house, which I had reported as demolished, is still standing -- mostly -- a year later. Apparently demolition was halted shortly after it began.

January 2003: This house, across the street, has a giant clock on its side. According to an informative account by reader Kerry Manderbach: "The clock attached to the house up on 21st and Palm was owned by the Northwestern Bank, at the corner of N. Florissant and St. Louis Ave. (bought out by Boatman's then demolished and rebuilt - now a different bank. They change ownership so much I can't keep track!!) The clock stopped running during the mid-70's and was refurbished a few years later. Boatmen's had an electronic digital clock (old school light bulb type) on the bank building back in their heyday."

September 2006: Some well-kept houses down the street.

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