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May 2004:The 1400 block of Hebert Street, east of Blair. This block has seen extensive renovation by owners committed to the neighborhood.

The half-gabled house in the top photograph is known locally as a half-flounder, from the supposed similarity of its profile to that of the fish's head. The style was made popular among working classes by a local tax loophole which treated such houses as only half finished and taxed them accordingly.

This house was one of many on the tour; the owners graciously shared a pre-renovation photo with me.


This tiny house marks the end of the block. Even such a seemingly impractically small house could be revitalized with a careful interior redesign; there is a specialty market for extremely compact houses. There is also the possibility of expanding to the rear, where an addition seems to have once stood.

October 2002: The north side of the block is also in good condition. Of particular note is the gingerbread porch on the gabled house at center.

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