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October 2002: 13th Street at Hebert. In 2000, this block contained a nearly complete row of historic buildings on its western side, including a small but grand church (originally 4th Baptist Church) and its associated support buildings. Eight years later, they are all compromised or destroyed.

October 2008: Fire and the elements have nearly destroyed the block. The church has been gutted by fire. Its parsonage house next door has been completely destroyed. The formerly occupied twin is now vacant and boarded. The next two twins have both suffered major collapses.

September 2006: Unchecked decay has led to a roof collapse at 2917. Standing on the sidewalk, one can see blue sky through the dormer windows.

October 2008: The inevitable has happened. 2717/2719 has lost its attic floor walls. 2721/2723 has lost its top two floors.

January 2003: 2717 N. 13th and 2721 N. 13th while still intact.

October 2008: 2921 has suffered a near-total collapse.

October 2002: At the north end of the block, on the corner of 13th and Hebert, the Dummitt's Confectionary building still bore its name on faded ghost signage. By 2002 it had suffered a massive roof collapse.

January 2003: After further decay including a partial wall collapse, Dummitt's was demolished in 2005.

Dummitt's Confectionary at Ecology of Absence.

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