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14th Street Mall - North block
The mall consists of two blocks, a northern and southern one. We start here at the northeast corner and move south to Montgomery Avenue.

March 2003: The former Parks Drugs pharmacy is one of the mall's many vacant buildings. Part of its neon sign was removed, and a mural decorates its window boards.

September 2008: Exterior renovation is complete, and new storefront windows are in place. What the building has lost in acreted personality, it has gained in sheer handsomeness. Since this photo was taken, the sign has been relocated inside the building's storefront.

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  • September 2006: This pair of red brick twins sports mansard roofs, peaked dormers and battered storefront at street level.

    November 2007:The boards are down, fences are up, and interior renovation is undeway.

    November 2007: A one-story commercial building stnads next door.

    2701 N. 14th Street

    March 2003: Yellow paint covers the building at the southwest corner of 14th and Montgomery Avenue. The last tenant is Ladies Wig & Beauty Supply: "Import Jewelry Co. - Bag & Toys ...Nose & Ears Pierced!" A sign over the door offers the conflicting name of "Wig -n - Jewelry Beauty Supply".

    September 2006: It's not clear if the storefront was operating in 2003, but it's definitely vacant now, and the signs are gone.

    May 2008: Setting up for renovation.

    2707 N. 14th Street

    March 2003: One Cent Furniture, boarded.

    September 2006: Patterns on the remaining brick facade indicate that there used to be a much more decorative roofline.

    2711 N. 14th Street

    March 2003: Fire has left this vacant house damaged and charred. A hole in the brick side wall is open, allowing unchecked access.

    May 2008: Demolition work has begun prior to the reconstruction. After years of exposure to the elements, there isn't much left to save.

    2713 N. 14th Street

    March 2003: This little building still had some activity in 2003, possibly a tiny storefront church. It was demolished during the renovation work on the mall; its outline can be seen in the previous photo.

    2717 N. 14th Street

    March 2003: Renovation or repair work is in evidence.

    September 2006: One new window got installed, but three years later, the house is still in rough shape.

    November 2007:

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