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Martin Luther King Boulevard (formerly Easton Avenue) is a commercial street along its entire length, but near the city limits the activity builds to a head.

It begins here, on the block between Blackstone and Hamilton. The the battered but still active shopping strip has long been the commercial heart of the area. It runs westward into Wellston, the small suburban municipality just across the city limits.

December 2002: Abandoned building at MLK and Blackstone.

September 2006: Still abandoned, but boarded up, and with a fresh coat of paint that makes it much more cheerful.

September 2006: A lovely storefront building next door.

December 2002: A row of abandoned buildings across the street.

December 2002: The view back east down King Drive.

December 2002: The same view back east down King Drive, taken one block further west at Goodfellow Avenue.

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