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Faugbourg Marigny
Photographs from December 27th, 2006

Images along St. Claude Avenue:

Images looking north, toward St. Claude Avenue:

Photos from the neighborhood's northern boundary, marked by St. Clairborne Avenue:

The impressive Circle Food Store, with its arched arcade and Spanish tile roofed tower, stands at the corner of St. Clairborne and St. Bernard.

This is probably the worst photograph I've ever put on the web, but the collapsed building was so flabergasting that I was willing to overlook the ineptness of the photo itself.

Looking south on Frenchman Street, from N. Robertson.

Two views looking east along N. Robertson, at Mandeville Street.

Looking south down Spain Street.

Looking south along the neutral ground of St. Roch Avenue from N. Robertson.

A battered, burnt shotgun at the corner of N. Robertson and Arts Street.

Looking south at Arts Street from N. Robertson.

View west along St. Clairborne at Arts Street.