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Lower 9th Ward - north
Photographs from December 27th, 2006

A house swept off its foundation by the force of water coming from the levee breach.

Houses like this tend to prompt the question: how good of a shape was it in before the hurricane? One proceeds from there to an ethical delima: is it right to fight poverty by destroying a neighborhood like this one? The inhabitants of this place have been uprooted and scattered across the country. Will their community ever live again?

An overturned tool shed.

A modestly ornamented shotgun house, spray painted with the marks of two search teams. The top quadrant of the X indicates the date of the search; left, the unit that did the search; bottom, inhabitants found. The right quadrant's use seemed to vary somewhat by location.

View looking north across Galvez Street.

N. Dirbigny Street at Choctaw Street, looking east.

N. Dirbigny Street at Flood Street, looking east.


Caffin Avenue at N. Derbigny Street.

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