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St. Catherine of Sienna-Pagedale Church
Stained Glass by Emil Frei Stained Glass Company
Design: Robert Frei

St. Catherine of Sienna Church is marked by stained glass broken into small panels that work together to achieve varied and delightful effects, disolving entire side walls and pocking the rear wall with flecks of colored light.

Unlike its contemporaries, there are no large-scale compositions, and no figure-based or narrative designs. Instead, small, highly abstract symbols and designs are repeated multiple times across the many small window openings.

The upper windows repeat the same design three times per opening.

The lower sanctuary windows feature a number of abstract designs, some of which repeat.

Images of a carpenter's tools adorn a disused side chapel, presumably once dedicated to St. Joseph.

A second empty side chapel, untouched by the current congregation.

The windows on the front facade are simpler still, with painted emblems on gold and red glass.

The baptistry gates, windows, and baptismal font are unified in style.

This is one of the building's least holy wonders: the windows pictured here are in the men's bathroom. This is part of the round attachment on the building's front, most of which is given over to the baptistry. A narrow sliver on the east side is subdivided into a tiny toilet.

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