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St. Gabriel the Archangel
4711 Tamm Avenue, South City
Architects: Adolf F. and Arthur Stauder, 1950

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Stained Glass
Design: Milton Frenzel (lower windows); Siegfried Reinhardt (upper windows)

Wrought in angular masses of cut limestone, St. Gabriel's Art Deco style is a sharp and fascinating contrast to the English cottage-style houses and Tudor apartment buildings that surround it - and an unusual style for a church. The church faces the broad green space of Francis Park on the southwestern edge of the city; the neighborhood is a latecomer to the city, laid out in 1929.

Within, the church is spare but suprisingly traditional in decoration. The innovative seating layout places two wide fans of pews under a low ceiling on either side of the much higher central nave, with trusses carrying the load of the upper wall rather than the usual columns.

The building went up in 1950, long after the heyday of its style. Adjacent school buildings were completed in 1935 and 1946, with a 1955 convent and 1962 parish hall following.

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