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Various buildings - Halls Ferry Road
North County
Architects: ?
Dates: ?

In addition to its innumerable ranch houses, Halls Ferry Road features a small collection of Mid-Century buildings of note.

Befitting the road's history as an early suburb, this early Modern repair shop is one of the oldest buildings standing. It now serves as a used car dealership named Northwest Motors.

Across the street stands one of the ubiquitous flying-roof Phillips 66 filling stations, in a somewhat stripped-down state, but still in use as a tire sales center.

San Francisco Temple Complex - Christian Assembly. A largely unremarkble building, except for the curved stone wall in front.

A delightful melange of businesses have their logos attached to this shopping plaza sign.

Believers' Chapel Bible Church.

The stylized signs for Old Manor Road suggest a far more sleek and futuristic place than the name does. The reality lies somewhere in the middle.

Laundry Maid -- with colored metal signs symbolizing flags fluttering in the breeze.

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