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Culver House
Across the street from Stockton House (and behind a sculpture and planter designed by Medler) stands a vast field of asphalt, laid out in service of nearby Powell Symphony Hall. Isolated and overpowered by its enormous neighbor, a house originally built in 1890 as the Culver mansion has somehow managed to survive in the shadow of the symphony building.

The Culver house is now home to the Portfolio Gallery and Education Center, a cener for African-American art.

As Queen Anne houses tend to do, this one has lost whatever dome or conical roof once capped its corner turret. The turret has also visibly lost sections of ornamentation, as well as having its windows infilled with glass block. Nonetheless, it is occupied, maintained, and constitutes a welcome relief amid a landscape where survivors have become more of an exception than the rule.

Image courtesy of Kevin Kieffer.

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