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Warehouse #6
Arsenal Street separates this building from the main complex. A thin skybridge connects it to its neighbors to the north.

Another historically styled building along Arsenal Street, similar in style to the Malt House in the center of the complex.

Smaller buildings along Arsenal are buried under tangles of additions and infrastructure.

The western half of the main campus was built up heavily in the mid-20th Century. Its buildings are huge, towering, and plain.

This walkway is the former route of Pestalozzi Street, closed through the brewery. The predominant tower with the arched passageway apparently underwent notable remodeling in 1991, on its 100th anniversary; while the bulk of the building is the same historical style as its neighbors, the archway at its base is constructed of contemporary materials.

The brewery's Christmas light displays are a local attraction; the public is allowed to drive into the complex's interior at night to view the display during the holiday season.

Clydesdale Horses Stables
An 1885 building with a magnificently guilded interior, the stables are an octogon-shaped building with stalls opening onto a central atrium space. This was originally the Busch family's private stables, repurposed in 1933 as home to the company's famous mascots.

The brewery is ever-changing. A building was being demolished when I snapped this December 2007 photograph.

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