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Midtown East
"Midtown East" is not an official name; it's just a convenient way to reference the area between Midtown's central core and the major dividing line of Jefferson Avenue. This region is part of the major east-west axis running through the city, an axis that contains several of the city's major institutions.

But it's not a homogenious place, and even a major corridor can contain hidden pockets. Midtown East has a number of architectural gems, some serious decay and abandonment, and unbelievable revival and gentrification - sometimes all in the same block. Perhaps most importantly and surprisingly, it has several completely intact blocks of small-scale commercial buildings - the fine-scaled urbanism that nutures new enterprises and creative spirits.

This tour is organized along the major east-west streets, starting with Olive on the south and moving north. Tour sections include:

  • Olive Street
  • Locust Street
  • Washington Avenue
  • Samuel Shepard, Delmar and points north
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