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2675 Washington Avenue
One of the most compelling commercial buildings in this area is the Moderne building at 2675 Washington at Beaumont, originally the offices of architect Meyer Loomstein.

In the late 90s it was used as Battery Warehouse, a wholesale distributor. Once slathered under a heavy coat of white paint and bad window alterations, this Streamline Deco commercial building underwent a remarkable restoration between 2003 (when Kevin Keiffer photographed it in white) and 2005, when I shot the lower images. Delmar-Clark Realty seems to have dropped a fair bit of money on repairs in 2005 and, at the same time, stripped the facade of all that paint and restored the original recess of the curved windows, returning it to its original glory.

A remarkably fitting piece of sculpture counterpointed the smooth curves and horizontal lines of this wonderful corner building, but has since disappeared.

  • Missing Schnittmann Sculpture at Landmarks St. Louis

  • 2003 - image courtsey of Kevin Kieffer



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