Built St. Louis: Crumbling Landmarks
Bohemian Hill

Photo Gallery: March 2007

The third area is sandwiched between Soulard Street and a highway offramp.

Though both plain and boarded up, these two back-to-back buildings have a fascinating relationship to each other, one facing the street, the other an alley. Their windowless south elevations shelter them from the bulk of highway noise (which I found to be surprisingly distant as I walked the area.)

They were occupied just a few years ago, as seen in this circa 2001 view.

The two painted houses at left are alley houses, though the loss of buildings has made the alley into more of a small street.

View up the alley looking north...

...and south. Whatever path the alley once took was devoured four decades ago, fed to the ravaging monster of the Interstate.

Side wall of the corner house. Image courtesy of Flickr user rjg001.

Image courtesy of Flickr user rjg001.

Citizens Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse

The final group faces 13th Street, and is located behind the cluster on Tucker. It includes the three infill houses built in 1999.

The infill houses, December 2003.

This beautiful little house is empty and boarded up, but appears to be in good condition. No signs of deterioration are visible.

The lower front facade is faced with an unusual glazed yellow brick.

The back of the same house.

The groups along Tucker, Soulard and 13th form a u-shape, surrounding a sheltered space in the center of the block.

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